Christian resources needed for pastors around the world

By August 19, 2004

International (MNN) — Bibles, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, leadership and other materials aren’t that hard to find in the western world. But, in many countries these resources are incredibly difficult to find.

Global Advance understands this and they’re doing all they can to make them available. David Shibley is with Global Advance and describes a typical pastor’s situation. “Men have their own copy of the Bible, but often if was just the text with no cross references, no Biblical helps or study guides at all. And, perhaps one, two three books in their libraries and that was it,” he says.

Since the need has been identified, Global Advance is playing an active part in help the situation. Shibley says, “Global Advance has been able to resource almost a quarter-million pastors and church leaders with some kind of resource. Already this year, we’ve already printed 17,000 copies of leadership material, and also material on evangelism and discipleship in Spanish, French, Russian and Swahili.”

Already this year they’ve been able to help train 21,000 pastors face to face during their Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences. Shibley says this kind of training will have an incredible impact on evangelism world-wide. He says pastors are telling them, “give us the tools and we will finish the job of world evangelization. And, that’s what we’re endeavoring to do at Global Advance.”

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