Christian serving in India’s cabinet

By June 1, 2004

India (MNN) — Good news continues pouring out of India in the wake of elections that swept the radical Hindu party, known as the BJP, out of power. The election returned the Congress Party to power and last week installed the country’s first non-Hindu as prime minister.

But, the good news doesn’t end there. Bibles For the World’s Rochunga Pudaite says a Christian has been appointed to help lead India. Pudaite says, “My dear frien P.R. Kyndiah from northeast India, was not only elected by an overwhelming majority to become a member of parliament, but the prime minister of India inducted him as one of his cabinet members.” Pudaite personally led Kyndiah to Christ.

Kyndiah has been named Minister of Tribal Affairs all across India.

Pudaite says believes persecution will diminish, which could give evangelism a big boost. “I think this is the opening of a tremendous door of opportunity for all of us. I believe there will be more opening up.”

Bibles of the World distributes Bibles to people all over the world by using the telephone books. Pudaite says India is very receptive right now. “There are 42 million telephone subscribers whose names and addresses we have, and we’d like to make a Bible available to all of them. That will have the impact, the kind of which we have never known before.” $4 prints, packages and distributes one Bible. Pudiaite says that would be a great project for churches and Sunday school classes.

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