Christians aid workers making progress in tsunami rehab in Indonesia

By August 8, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — It’s a country where even talking about Christian work can cause trouble. So, for the sake of keeping Christians alive, we’re going to avoid talking about this kind of work. However, we don’t want to forget to praise God for the wonderful things He’s doing in this mostly Islamic country.

Food for the Hungry is just one such organization helping the tsunami victims recover from the devastation that hit almost eight months ago. FHI’s Heidi Kredit outlines work they’re doing. “We have now established four functioning programs working with education, working with small businesses — helping rehabilitate — working with agriculture along the west coast and also continuing to do cash-for-work.”

The love that they display through their work, because they’re Christians has been evident, according to Kredit. “Doing the physical things we’re doing, it’s communicating so much love and hope for them. We’ve had on a variety of occasions people comment, ‘Wow, there’s something different about you.’ They’ve definitely distinguished a difference about Christian NGO’s working there.”

Kredit says, as they continue to help, this is changing attitudes toward Christians. “As long as we can continue to run programs with excellence and show them that we love them as people and they’re valued by God and they’re special, we’re definitely paving the way for future ministry opportunities.”

Needs in the tsunami zone are great. Kredit says funding initially came in quickly. Now, however, that money has all but ended and it’s needed to be able to continue high quality programs. Click on the highlighted link above to get contact information and help Food for the Hungry with their work.

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