Christians are at risk as cartoon violence continues

By February 8, 2006

Undated (MNN) — Islamic fury over the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad has hit Europe, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia and other parts of the world. Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on Muslims to be forgiving. In Iran, they’re printing Holocaust cartoons in protest.

American Evangelist Sammy Tippit travels into the Muslim world regularly. He’s concerned about Christians who are open in the faith. He’s asking Christian to pray for their safety. “There will be those who are radical who will take out their extreme feelings on the believers. The second thing is that they would be able to respond and reflect and show the love of Christ. Sometimes it’s in that situation that God can really use.”

Tippit broadcasts Christian television programming into Iran and other nations. He doesn’t believe this outcry will affect their work. Tippit tells us what he expects will happen. “Your radical people are going to be more radical, but most of the people are very moderate and even open to the Gospel and searching. I think the Gospel will go forth. I don’t think anything will stop or this will change anything at all.”

This current controversy isn’t stopping Tippit’s plans to expand ministries into the Arab world. “We’re getting ready to do some more unusual things with the internet and also with the television. We’re a part of a new TV station starting very soon in Iran that will be all Christian TV programming. That’ll be happening in the next few weeks.”

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