Christians are having an impact on Iraqis lives.

By November 14, 2003

Iraq (MNN) — Iraqis cheered as a volunteer team moved through their neighborhood to give out cartons of food sent by Southern Baptist churches across America. Children ran up to the five Southern Baptist men from Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N.C., like they were long-lost uncles, giggling and jostling to get close. Mothers handed over their babies to be held, and the few men around extended greetings.

Mike Creswell with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board was with them. He said, “We’re seeing a lot in the press now about how the Iraqis don’t like Americans. We didn’t see any of that as we traveled throughout the city.”

Creswell just returned from a food distribution trip with volunteers. The IMB is in the process of handing out over a million pounds food. Creswell says that’s not all they’re handing out. “We’ve distributed thousands of Bibles to people and our people said they only gave out Bibles when they were actually requested. We’re helping start churches. Our people who are familiar with the situation in Iraq say that the Iraqi people are some of the most responsive to the Gospel of any people in the Middle East.”

Creswell says the people of Iraq are needy. He says, “There (are) a huge number of widows and orphans because so many of the men have been killed in the wars in recent years.”

Crewsell says political uncertainty means the time is now for ministry. “This is what could be a very narrow opportunity for sharing the Gospel for meeting needs and building relationships with the people. And so, we’re encouraging Southern Baptists to respond very quickly both in sending personnel and sending money and of course in prayer support.”

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