Christians are ministering the love of Jesus to Muslims wracked by war and persecution.

By March 17, 2005

Sudan (MNN) — In the midst of the humanitarian crisis in Sudan, God is working through His people. Voice of the Martyrs has recently partnered with the Persecution Project Foundation to focus on a crisis relief outreach in Sudan.

Brad Phillips with Persecution Project explains how God is working in the crisis: “What’s happening now is these Muslim Darfuri’s that are fleeing other Muslims that are persecuting them on behalf of the government, are coming into Southern Sudan and it’s Christians that are ministering to them, and so as a result, many of them are coming to Christ.”

Persecution Project Foundation also has a radio station that is reaching into Darfur. Says Phillips, “One of the other ways that we are reaching believers and unbelievers is through a radio station that we were able to establish in Southern Sudan called Radio Peace, and we’ve been broadcasting the gospel in Arabic as well as in African dialects, in seven languages being broadcast now from Radio Peace, seven days a week. So we distributed a lot of self-powered radio sets which are being used as a platform for the Gospel in the nation of Sudan.”

Phillips says Christians are reaching out with the Gospel, and God is working. “It’s the Dinka Christians that are providing relief to their Muslim neighbors, and as a result many of these Muslim neighbors are open to the Gospel and open to preaching. And it’s very exciting to see now some churches beginning to pop up in Darfur. And so, I think that before the crisis there wasn’t much of a presence of the church, but because of the relief situation, and because of, really, Christians are the ones responding to this tremendous crisis (there now is a larger church presence).”

Phillips says that Christians everywhere need to be the first responders to this crisis, to provide relief and the compassion of Christ. And in turn, the Gospel will go forth. “What’s exciting is to see some cultures that are traditionally closed off to the Gospel now having the opportunity to receive the Word of God in the context of their situation that they’re in right now.”

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