Christians are reaching out in love as Muslim violence continues

By February 9, 2006

USA/India (MNN) — U-S President George W. Bush says governments in Islamic nations should put an end to violence over cartoons mocking Muhammad, saying the lives of innocent diplomats are at risk. Despite those comments the violence continues around the world, but Christians are reaching out.

In India, which has the second largest Muslim population in the world, police fired tear gas in the Kashmir region to break up protests there. Hopegivers International’s Bill Bray says Christians need to take action, but not the way you think. “As Christians globally, if we would take a step back from this, this culture war between Islam and the rest of the world and use every opportunity we can personally with Muslims, to love them, and as we do that we will have opportunities to witness.”

Bray says Hopegivers is adding even more workers to share this love. “We’re just about to have the largest graduation in our history from our Bible seminary program (we’ll have) 10,400 missionary graduates in one day.”

The ministry many of them will begin is very effective, says Bray. “Everywhere the Hopegivers start a Hope Home, or a clinic, I would say within two, three or five years there’s usually a witnessing community established and these missionaries do bring the light of the Gospel into these villages.”

However, funding is needed to support these workers, which costs $1 a day. Bray says the work isn’t easy and they need prayer. “Some of these people will be martyred. Thousands of theme will be beaten and will face persecution as they pioneer their work. So, pray for their safety.”

If you’d like to support these new graduates, click on the link below.

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