Christians are reaching unreached through relationship building and sharing Bible stories.

By August 21, 2006

Cambodia (MNN) — In northern Cambodia, a people group of more than thirty-thousand remain largely unreached by the Gospel. The Kuy [GOO-ee] people group is an ethnic minority in Cambodia that also stretch into Thailand and Laos.

God is at work amongst these people, through Mission to Unreached Peoples.

Speaking from Cambodia, MUP’s Tom Newhouse reports some of the biggest challenges in working with the Kuy people. “Their language is not a written language, and most of the Kuy people are also bi-lingual. They speak both Kuy and Khmer, but they cannot read and write in Khmer or Kuy, because Kuy has not been written at all before.”

Because the Kuy have no written language, MUP is working on oral strategies to share God’s Word with this people group. Newhouse’s friend developed a twelve story set that begins in Genesis with the creation of the world, moves to Adam and Eve and through other Biblical stories, and then ends up with Christ.

“The stories will be presented orally,” says Newhouse, “and the idea is that they’ll be presented in a simple way so that if they hear the stories, then they can tell their children, they can tell their neighbors, they can tell other villagers, a simple way so they can remember it and easily tell it to others.”

It’s just the beginning of evangelistic efforts, building on relationships that have been developed over the past several years. Now, Newhouse hopes to see the Gospel go forward and evangelistic tools developed in the Kuy language.

“Actually there’s one district where the majority of Kuy people are. There are no known congregations in that district where they are. So there are a few Kuy believers, but the vast majority of Kuy people live in areas where they don’t have access to the Gospel yet.”

Pray believers will find effective and successful ways to lead these unreached people to the Gospel. Pray for fruitful outreach that will help establish churches.


  • Warmest christian greetings.

    I am Bishop Michael Chiviru with my wife Gloria and we are also leading the Unreached Peoples Missions work, planting churches to rural and remote areas here in Zimbabwe, Africa.

    We are standing with you in prayers that the Lord would give both of us friends who would stand in the gape in both prayer and support.


  • Your Name says:

    There are many people from all ethnic groups who have never heard the gospel although the gospel was preached 100 years ago. We are reaching out to these vulnerable and disadvantaged peoples in our native country at our own disposal.

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