Christians confirm terrorists rebuilding network after quake in Pakistan.

By November 29, 2005

Pakistan (MNN)–There have been reports that terrorists are causing trouble again in Pakistan’s Kashmir region.

Evidence shows that supply lines of arms and ammunition are moving again. That, coupled with reports of infiltration in the region, shows that the quake only temporarily disrupted the extremist activity.

We spoke to an Interserve Partner working about the reports. Because of the security concerns, we’ll call him ‘Michael.’

He says the quake zone was a well-known recruiting ground. “There has been a lot of damage done to the infrastructure for these people. Whole villages have been swept away where these religious parties held sway.”

The danger comes because it appears the activity could soon be back at pre-quake levels. Michael agrees, adding there is a new problem. “They are back there now seeking to regroup, retrain people, especially trying to get a hold of the orphans so that they can brainwash them.”

As for the sharing their faith in Christ, Michael says, “Now is the time to show them the Christian way of handling things. Through our practice, through the way we conduct ourselves, through the way we meet with the people, talk to them, listen to their stories, this is a time of gaining a hearing–gaining the right to be heard later on.”

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