Christians facing more trouble in Pakistan

By May 11, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan is a country dominated by Islam. Last month a Christian translator and his driver were killed. The violence continues, according to Strategic World Impact .

SWI’s field office recently reported violence against local Pakistani villagers. Recently a group of more than 40 Muslim and Christian workers were making bricks at a factory. One girl accidentally broke one. The factory owner became very angry and began beating the workers.

The group of workers fled to the nearby SWI office, where it was assessed that one man had a broken arm and another had a broken hand. Several women and children had been beaten as well. SWI is helping to register the case, against the owner of the factory, with the police.

Strategic World Impact is a Bartlesville, Okla.-based international ministry that works in areas where Christians are persecuted, the Gospel is restricted and areas where due to hostile situations the people face eternity each day. Pray for the protection of Christians in Pakistan and that because of their testimony the Gospel will spread.

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