Christians fear for their safety in Sri Lanka.

By January 27, 2004

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Christians are facing attacks, anti-Christian legislation and vandalism in Sri Lanka. Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannan says the attacks have been on the increase for the last 12 months. Yohannan says three GFA churches are attacked. Two were destroyed and one nearly destroyed.

Yohannan says Christians aren’t only facing trouble on the street, but from the government. “They are really seeking to pass the anti-conversion law. The thing about the Sri Lankan Buddhism, this is not the Buddhism of peace and non-violence. This is the sect of Buddhism that is having a deep coloring of Hindu fundamentalism. Some of our missionaries have been beaten,” says Yohannan.

There is a reason for the attacks. “A lot of people,” says Yohannan, “are coming to know the Lord. Without any doubt in any of these communities the number of people coming to Christ has created this new wave of persecution.”

While Sri Lanka’s President is publicly renouncing the violence, Yohannan doesn’t believe it. He says, “Any country that is persecuting Christians, they’re not going to admit that they’re doing it. Any organization (working there) will tell you it’s much more severe than we realize.”

Pray that believers will be strong in their faith and will continue their evangelistic outreach.

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