Christians find new platform for ministry in Lebanon, despite being targets

By August 8, 2006

Lebanon (MNN) — Christians are inadvertently being targeted by Israel’s attacks because of Hezbollah schemes. That’s the word from Christians on the ground in Lebanon.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle travels to the area regularly. He says, “They (Hezbollah) get on top of homes. They’re definitely trying to bring in Christians into this. They fire missiles off their homes and then Israel retaliates.”

The physical problems are mounting, says Doyle. “It’s difficult right now. (There’s) not a lot of food, and humanitarian groups are bringing in food, water, blankets and things like that and there are a lot of people displaced. So, it’s a horrible situation there right now.”

These attacks by Israel have helped change the mindset of the Lebanese about Hezbollah. Doyle says, “The average Lebanese would talk about how they had so much disdain for Hezbollah and what they were doing to their country. But, they are in some cases successfully turning the Lebanese into their friends to fight Israel.”

According to Doyle, while this situation appears to be turning into a regional war, he says evangelical Christians are using it as a new platform for evangelism. “Humanitarian needs are there and so the believers are taking in food and water and blankets and all of those things. And, as they do that they are getting a chance to share with Muslims, the Gospel.”

While the situation is bleak, humanly speaking, Doyle says, “The worse place to be a Christian, as it looks to us, is really the best place because people’s lives are on the line, people are questioning their belief system. And, when they see believers are handing out all kinds of things to meet their needs, it’s a pretty powerful lesson.”

However, this new platform for evangelism isn’t funded. E3 Partners needs your help. “They can be in the prayer team. They can help even support the ministry there for just $30 a month. We went from seeing a handful of churches planted in the Middle East to between 50 and 75 last year and that’s because people were praying and getting behind the pastors.”

With the attention they’re receiving now, churches could grow exponentially, says Doyle.

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