Christians find one more obstacle removed for work in Iran.

By January 2, 2004

Iran (MNN)–The Bush administration eased restrictions on assistance to Iran in response to the country’s earthquake.

Blanket licenses are being issued to permit American companies and individuals to transfer funds to Iran, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced.

A 90-day period, which began Saturday, has been set to permit Americans to donate funds to private organizations to be used for relief and reconstruction, the Treasury office said.

While donations of humanitarian relief items such as food, certain medicines, clothing and tents do not require a license, the decision is a visible show of support for NGOs (Non-government Organizations) and humanitarian agencies like World Help.

World Help’s Noelle Yeatts (yates) says the needs are urgent. “The major need now is just for emergency items: water, food, clothing, medicine. They are there now distributing those items, seeing what the long-term needs are. We are trying to raise money from our donors to provide for those needs.”

In closed countries like Iran, Yeatts explains ministry begins during crisis. “There are Christians there–there’s some Christians that we’re working with. I think this is going to open opportunities that they never would have had. Since they’re able to distribute these items, they’re also going to have the opportunity to share the Gospel.”

Pray that the funds will be raised to help these desperate people. A gift of $100 will provide immediate relief for one family. $1000 will help ten families survive and rebuild their lives.

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