Christians from nearly 200 nations join in prayer

By June 5, 2006

International (MNN) — Millions of Christians from 198 nations around the world gathered to pray for repentance and prayer, preparing the way for God’s glory to be revealed. We start off in Taipei and make our way around the word.

“Today, the power of Christian Pentecost was shown clearly in Taiwan. Thousands of Christians have come out of the disputes and joined together at the Presentation Square in Taipei City. Not to make a political statement, but to pray for the country and to praise the Lamb.”

“More than 30,000 Christians flocked to the Honk Kong Stadium to play their part in a worldwide Global Day of Prayer. They prayed to God to protect the city’s health, in particular from the threat of a bird flu epidemic. They also prayed to the Lord to give direction and faith to the youth of Hong Kong, who were a strong presence in the crowd and to heal fractured relationships between family members.”

“I’m standing in the Velodrome indoor Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, one of 37 venues across the mother city. There are more than 4,000 venues across Africa where an estimated 40 million Africans are joining the river of prayer that’s sweeping the continent and the world.”

“I’m Debbie Brink with SAT-7. I’m at the Cave Church in Garbage City near Cairo, Egypt where a couple thousand people have gathered today on the Global Day of Prayer. It is such a privilege to be here with these believers. Many have come out and are celebrating in one heart and one spirit as we come together.”

“My name is Graham Wells and I’m calling from Atlanta, Georgia. We had an event right on the steps of the Capitol and it began thundering and lightning. Although it was cut short, there was a great sense of God’s presence and prayers going out to God to work in this great city of Atlanta.”

“Welcome to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My name is Murray Dodds and I’m stand just outside the Prengrove Saddledome where even now, thousands of Christians in this city are beginning to rally to celebrate through worship and prayer, Pentecost Sunday and this global day of prayer.”

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