Christians get involved with a gypsy outreach in Eastern Europe.

By December 15, 2003

Eastern Europe (MNN)–And, Worldwide Christian Schools is working in Eastern Europe to provide formal education to the gypsies. WWCS’ Dale Dieleman says the prejudice against the Roma goes back hundreds of years, and the hardships they endured created a distrust of outsiders. “Therefore, trying to convince parents about the need for education, particularly by members of the dominant society, often referred to as the ‘oppressors’, it’s difficult sometimes to convince Roma parents of the need for formal education.” Negative generational attitudes toward education, Dielman explains, are a major prayer need. “Prayers to see that there are caring people who really are concerned about their children, not only just for pure education, but also, a Christian approach to education in the schools would be a main thing; opening their hearts and minds to receiving the potential and the possibilities for their children.”

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