Christians hand out Bibles with aid in Kashmir

By November 25, 2005

India (MNN) — Victims of the earth quake along the Pakistan/India border are seeing their physical and spiritual needs met by a small group of Christians. Gospel for Asia received government permission last month to work with the earthquake victims to provide aid and other assistance.

The team of 15 GFA national workers spent a week recently in a village of more than 400 house. All were destroyed. As these needy families were offered aid, many of them experienced Christ’s love for the first time. Four families gladly received Urdu New Testaments.

One villager told GFA, “The army dropped off emergency supplies and drove on, but you are the only ones who have stopped and showed us you care about us.”

GFA is committed to continue ministering to the several thousand people who lost so much in the October 6th earthquake. In the midst of the incredible despair, GFA Compassion Service workers are sharing the hope found only in Jesus in an area that has previously been closed to that that message.

Funding is needed to help GFA assist even more people in this devastated area.

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