Christians in Beslan, reach out to children in Chechnya

By August 18, 2006

Russia (MNN) — September 1, 2006, marks the second anniversary of the Beslan, Russia, school terrorist attack. Chechen rebels killed more than 300 people, mostly children, on the first day of school. But, what man meant for evil, God used for good, especially in camping ministry.

Vice President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says, “Because of the terror attack a couple of years ago, many teenagers came to know Christ and wanted to do something for Jesus, so they went back to Chechnya and ministered to their children, instead of going back and taking revenge.”

This summer more than 160 young people attended summer camp there. Rakhuba says it was met with incredible response. “Working together with local Muslim officials, they were so open to have Christian young church leaders to work with their children. Some of them would says, ‘Hey guys, we would like you to come more often.”

According to Rakhuba, camp is a great change for many of the children there. “There’s so many children born in that area that have no chance to (live in peace). They hear all those gun shots (and) explosions. They see dead people. Their friends die in the bombings.”

Hope is lacking, says Rakhuba. That’s why summer camp is important. With two weeks left in the camping season, they’d like to add to the 7,000 young people that have already attended camps in the former Soviet Union. “Every $49 that we’re asking will help send a child to a summer camp where Christian counselors will work with (them), tell (them) about Jesus.”

Rakhuba says humanitarian aid must accompany the Gospel. That’s when even the adults open their ears and their hearts to Christ.

Pray for the ongoing work of Russian Ministries. Pray for safety as they reach out in difficult areas, like Chechnya. Pray too for the last few weeks of summer camps that many young people will turn to Christ.

If you’d like to help, contact Russian Ministries through their information listed below.

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