Christians in India facing more violence, cover up is underway

By June 17, 2005

India (MNN) — Christians say militant Hindus are changing the way they attack Christians in this country of more than one-billion people. Dr. M.A. Thomas is the founder of Hopegivers International, which is headquartered in Kota, Rajasthan, India with U. S. offices in Columbus, Georgia. Dr. Thomas recently updated a network of supporters regarding the tragic turn of events.

“The militant fanatics have changed their tactics this month, sometimes in collaboration with local authorities, to cover up the martyrdoms. In suburbs of Hyderabad, they have started spreading propaganda that falsely portrays the recent killings of pastors as business disputes or routine criminal attacks rather than what it really is organized terrorism,” says Dr. Thomas.

Hopegivers International is an organization known worldwide for its tireless efforts to end the suffering of orphaned and abandoned children. The current president is Dr. Samuel Thomas, son of Dr. M.A. Thomas, asks for people of faith to respond to this new wave of persecution by mobilizing prayer and aid for the widows and affected communities of those murdered and tortured.

This month, Dr. Samuel Thomas announced Operation 10,000 Hopegivers. It is an urgent plea for 10,000 additional Hopegivers to join the organization this year as sponsors. Hopegivers International’s Hope Homes and Hope Centers are community-based, faith-initiated facilities that take in orphaned or abandoned children. Those operating the facilities work with community leaders in rescue efforts.

Dr. Samuel Thomas is in the United States until mid-July. Then this autumn, he will return and participate in a full-scale media effort to draw the world’s attention to these needy and dying children and to offer updates on the tsunami-devastated regions of India.

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