Christians in Indonesia watch rising tensions in Central Sulawesi.

By November 20, 2003

Indonesia (MNN)–Thousands of security personnel are on alert in a bid to prevent religious violence in Central Sulawesi province from spreading after the murders of three Christians.

The area has an undercurrent of sectarian violence that threatens to disregard a standing peace accord. Most recently, a Christian church official Oranye Tajoja and his nephew were dragged from their car and killed by attackers in the Poso Pesisir area on Saturday.

In a separate incident, an angry mob of Muslims hacked a 23-year-old Christian man to death during a protest.

The killings took place shortly after police shot dead a Muslim man, Hamid Suddin, suspected of involvement in deadly October attacks on Christian villages near Poso.

Open Doors asks believers to pray for the protection and safety of Christians in remote Indonesian villages. Pray for those who are in ministry, that the Gospel will continue to go forward.

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