Christians in Iraq feel threatened.

By February 20, 2004

Iraq (MNN)–Deadly attacks this week in Iraq do not appear to discriminate between the country’s different national and religious groups.

For Iraq’s minority groups, it is especially difficult. The country’s Christian community, fears its churches and workers will become the next target of a terrorist attack.

Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s Mark Kelly says for Iraqi believers, the key to survival under Saddam Hussein was to not be his enemy or a friend of his enemies. “Because Iraq’s Christian communities did not ally themselves with Saddam’s enemies, he didn’t see them as enemies. So, they enjoyed a ‘protected’ status. I’m sure that the fear that the Christians feel is real. A lot of it may be connected to the uncertainty of the situation.”

This means, with the fall of Hussein’s Baath party, and the rise of the Shiite Muslims, believers are marked. Many Christian churches are responding to the anonymous threats by cutting back the number of services and working only during daylight hours.

However, Kelly reminds us, “God’s spirit isn’t a spirit of fear. We need to pray that God’s people would be filled with His peace. Pray for them, that they’ll be sensitive to the opportunities that He gives them to help people understand how much He loves them.”

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