Christians in Iraq get support in the form of New Testaments.

By May 28, 2004

Iraq (MNN)–Christians in Iraq are in a precarious situation these days.

Their faith identifies them with Western allegiances and often makes them a target for the ire of radical Muslims.

Church leaders feel more and more isolated in their ministry, a feeling compounded by the lack of tools for outreachh.

However, they are soon to get some encouragement in the form of Easy-To-Read New Testaments. The World Bible Translation Center is sending 800 Arabic New Testaments to Northern Iraq for distribution among the Kurds.

Two different ministries are taking them in for use in their outreach activities among the Iraqi people. Remember the ministry teams that will be distributing the New Testaments and pray that God will equip them with the tools necessary to lead people to Christ in a hungry nation.

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