Christians in Nepal face danger as they evangelize

By December 19, 2005

Nepal (MNN) — Maoist rebels have extended a unilateral cease fire in Nepal, hoping this will allow for negotiations in the 10 year old conflict in the world’s only Hindu kingdom. Despite the cease fire, government forces have continue the fight causing problems for national Christians.

IN Network’s Rody Rodeheaver says, “Many of our people are right in the middle of where the government and Maoist guerrillas are engaged. And so, it’s been a very difficult time for them. It’s curtailed a lot of their movements. It’s caused them to be very, very careful. For instance, they would not be wise to go out at night because they may not come back.”

Rodeheaver says some Christians have been killed by both sides accused of being spies.

Despite the violence and uncertainty, Rodeheaver says Christians are focused. “In the midst of all of this they are working diligently to share the Gospel in any way they can. But, they also are faced with a reality that it’s very, very, dangerous.”

This danger is actually positive for their work. “It’s a great opportunity because in times like this people ask the hard questions that are answered by the truth of the Gospel and so our people are willing to be there and share.”

Courage is what Rodeheaver is praying for right now. “As we get up on Sunday morning and truck off to church, we don’t give a thought to what we may face in terms of persecution or anything of that nature. For these folks it’s a reality.”

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