Christians in the U-S gear up for evangelism

By October 25, 2006

USA (MNN) — On a night when children in the United States will be on the streets in costume, Halloween will be a time for a huge evangelistic campaign. That’s the word from the American Tract Society’s Donna Skell.

“We’ve always found that people are more likely to give out Gospel tracts around this harvest season,” says Skell. “But, this year’s we’re just really seeing these tracts fly off our shelves,” she added.

While Halloween is the preferred time to give the tracts away, Skell says, “People are taking these tracts out and celebrating this season all month long since the retail does and using this as an opportunity to share Jesus Christ with others.”

According to Skell they’re close to breaking a record in tract distribution. “Our goal is 4 million,” says Skell, “And, we’re just shy of that right now and we’ve got some time before Halloween evening, so we just feel real confident that this is going to be a record breaking year for the American Tract Society.”

This isn’t about distribution, says Skell, it’s about Christians willing to share their faith through literature distribution. She says it works. “We’ve had a couple of families tell us that they went ahead and put their name and phone number on the back of the tract just to give neighbors a chance to respond to them. They were ready for any negative feedback, but instead they got two different letters of thanks. One from someone who became a believer that night because of a tract and one from a Christian family that just appreciated them.”

This year’s glow in the dark ‘Light the Night’ tract campaign is another reason for the success. If you still need tracts to hand out to children on Halloween night, you can get still get them in your local Christian book store, or by going to You’ll need to request special shipping in order to get them by October 31.

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