Christians plan long-term assistance to hurricane survivors.

By October 13, 2004

Grenada (MNN) — Although the hurricanes are long gone, people across the Caribbean will feel their devastation for years to come.

Volunteer relief teams with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board are helping with projects that will continue to minister to families long after other aid has ceased. The four hurricanes ravaged the Caribbean, killing thousands of people and destroying the livelihood and welfare of whole countries.

In Grenada, the outlook is bleak as about 90-percent of the homes suffered damage, and many of the islanders are still sleeping in their cars a month later.

In the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti and other islands, there are similar circumstances and needs.

The IMB volunteers are seeking to support the churches to help meet people’s material needs and be a gospel witness to meet their spiritual needs.

Pray for God to strengthen His people who are facing this devastation and lengthy rebuilding process. Pray that people’s deepest needs will be met through the hope and life found only in Christ.

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