Christians receive approval to start micro-enterprise in DRC

By July 26, 2004

Democratic Republic of Congo (MNN) — Peace keepers will be staying in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the government has faced a coup attempt and other violence. That violence hasn’t stopped Hope International from getting involved in that war-torn nation.

Hope International’s Executive Director Peter Greer says, “We have recently received registration so that we will be one of the first licensed micro-finance institutions in Congo. That means that the government has given us authorization to start working with small scale entrepreneurs to help them start or expand their local businesses.”

This couldn’t come at a better time. “The DRC has known and exurbanite amount of pain and suffering over the past number of years. And so, this will allow for the country to be built up starting at the grass roots level,” says Greer.

However, it’s not all about helping with business development. Greer says, “We do want to improve the family’s financial situation. We do want to improve their social situation, but also and most importantly we want to reach out to them with the spiritual aspect. We find local believers who are engaged in small scale business and encourage them to reach out to their community and to bring in other members of the community who are not members of faith.”

Hope International is looking for new staff members and financial support to help with this new project. Greer says it doesn’t take a huge investment to make a difference. He says, “In the Congo our initial loan size is $50. So, thinking about giving a gift would directly help one family start or expand their business.”

If you’d like to help Hope International with this new project, go to their web site

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