Christians studying the land of Israel is important for evangelism

By June 15, 2006

Israel (MNN) — After a five year slump in tourism in Israel, it appears Holy Land visits are increasing. Bombings by terror groups over the last couple of years kept people away from the land where Jesus walked. Now, Christians are encouraging fellow believers to return — for spiritual reasons.

En-Gedi Resource Center’s Lois Tverberg and Bruce Okkema are in Israel on a study tour of the Holy Land. Tverberg says, “We’ve seen absolutely nothing in terms of violence. We do see police presence and some security at the borders, which is understandable. We’ve been here in other years and we’ve found there is a great increase in the amount of people coming because people have realized that it is remarkably safe.”

Visiting Israel, says Tverberg, helps you as an evangelistic believer. “It definitely gives you a confidence that what you’re defending is a reality and not a fantasy. Christianity isn’t a philosophical system that was just dreamed up by a monk a few hundred years ago.”

Okkema agrees saying, “I think it’s important, just in terms of confidence, just increasing one’s faith that, yes, this was a man who came and walked at a certain time in history at a certain place and experienced religious and political pressures much like we do. And, it just helps build our appreciation and understanding in terms of our own personal application.”

As your understanding of God’s Word grows you’ll want to reach out and tell people about it. That enthusiasm about God’s Word is infectious and that excitement may be the tool God uses to change a heart.

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