Christians team up to help Pakistani quake victims

By November 4, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — As the death toll continues to climb in the aftermath of the Pakistan earthquake, Christians are trying to prevent more death. Many are now suffering from the residual affects of the disaster.

HCJB World Radio’s seven member medical team is in Pakistan, assisting SIM International reach out with God’s love. HCJB is on the ground there. “SIM was very concerned about the health care needs of earthquake victims in Pakistan and they put out a call to various agencies asking for help. And, so HCJB offered to send a medical team.”

According to this, they’re seeing incredible health needs. “We are seeing secondary injuries and illnesses related to their original injuries. For example, (we’re seeing) fractures that haven’t healed well. (They’re) having to be operated on and corrected, other injuries that are now severely infected. We’re seeing about 90 to 100 patients a day.”

The medical team is an essential part of the relief assistance, he says. “The problem is that the primary health care structure has been completely destroyed. There is nowhere for people to go when they become ill. These field hospitals where we’re working are the only resource for health care.”

The team is located in an area not very open to Christians. However, he says, “People area very curious about why we’re here. They’re also very curious about our customs and the way we live and what life is like outside of their country. So, yes, there are many opportunities to speak about why we are here.”

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