Christians want to rid Haiti of Voodoo.

By September 11, 2003

Haiti (MNN) — Meanwhile, Haiti is approaching the 200th anniversary of independence and many Christians believe now is the time to free the country from the bondage of Voodoo. “On August 14, 1791 a Haiti slave sacrifed a pig in his Voodoo worship to satan and committed the entire Island nation of Haiti and dedicated it to Satan.” According to Vernon Brewer President of World Helpwho says, “So, for 200 years Haiti has been an official Voodoo nation.”

World Help President Vernon Brewer says while the country prepares to celebrate their freedom, local churches have asked World Help to participate in a special way. “They’ve asked us to provide Creole and French Bibles for the evangelistic thrust that they’re going to have during their celebration. They’re going to have twelve simultaneous citywide evangelistic festivals and then on January first they’re going to have a major festival in the capitol in Port-au-Prince so we’re going to be supplying all the scriptures for those.’

The goal is to take back the country for Christ. He says they will be partnering with others for further opportunities. ” We’ve also identified some projects with homeless children in some of the worst slums, we’re going to be involved in church planting and church building and leadership training and the funds are always needed for these projects.

Brewer is asking Christians to pray for Haiti. He says, “This is spiritual warfare. We need to use our spiritual weapons of pray against the stronghold..”

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