Christians work to build hope, one house at a time.

By March 9, 2005

USA (MNN)–HOPE International was founded by a man who understood that there was a potential for builders to develop resources for growing God’s kingdom.

Since then, various builders began sharing that vision. One such man is Perry Bigelow. “We build one house each year and from the donation of that one lot, last year, we created about 200-thousand dollars’ worth of contribution, which will create about 5000 micro-enterprise loans, which will create about 6000 jobs.”

HOPE partners with a homebuilder to build a house, and invites the subcontractors and suppliers to donate or discount labor and materials. Once the house has sold, profits go to HOPE International which uses 100 percent of the funds to help thousands of very poor people around the world build their own businesses to support their families.

Through the work, funded ministries also include children’s clubs and summer camps, organized through partnership with the local church. HOPE teams work to meet physical, social and spiritual needs through microlending services and children’s ministry.

Their current project is named the “Tsunami House for HOPE,” and Bigelow says, “Proceeds from that house will be about 225-thousand. Those proceeds will be used to help HOPE establish and fund a program in Sri Lanka to help small businesses and people who have been devastated.”

It’s a ministry that is always growing. To meet the ongoing need, HOPE is looking for home builders to join Perry Bigelow. Call 1-877-982-HOPE, if you’re interested in being part of the work.

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