Christmas spells EVANGELISM for one ministry

By December 22, 2003

USA (MNN) — As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, take the opportunity to “go tell” the Good News of Jesus Christ. The EvangeCube is a seven-panel cube that simply tells the story of the Gospel of Christ in pictures.

Over 1.5 million have been sold to equip believers on telling the Gospel story. The E3 Partners makes it easy to share the Gospel because it uses scripture, is kid friendly and non-denominational. Because there are no words, the simple tool transcends languages and creates a personal and non-threatening way to present the Gospel in pictures.

Evangecube’s Jeff Sheets. “If someone has an Evangecube with them a lot of times we’ll see people proactively just ask, ‘now, what is that?’ And, you can tell the story that, ‘this Evangecube simply and clearly tells the story of Jesus, many I share that with you?’ And, then it goes through seven panels.” Sheets says Christmas and other religious holidays are big for this type of outreach. “There’s a sensitivity, even for those that have not placed their faith in Christ. There’s a sensitivity and an awareness that there is something deeper in life that I have not touched on yet. And so, I think that across the board you’ll see a greater receptivity to hearing the Good News.”

Here are the top 10 ways you can use the EvangeCube during the Holidays:
1. Stocking stuffers
2. Include it in an Angel Tree or Samaritan’s Purse gift
3. Show it to friends at a Christmas or New Year’s Party
4. Give it to a needy family along with clothes and canned goods
5. Use it to act out the Christmas story with children
6. Show it to Christmas carolers
7. Send One to another country
8. Show it at a homeless shelter, nursing home or orphanage
9. Give one to your teacher
10. Teach your Sunday School class how to use it

While it may be a little late to get yours for Christmas, you may want to purchase one for every day outreach, or to present during Easter.

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