Church burned down in Aceh, Indonesia.

By September 7, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)–Voice of the Martyrs-Canada sources say a Muslim mob burned down the Indonesia Evangelical Mission Church building in the Singkil area of Aceh six nights ago.

Word of a planned revival meeting spread amongst the radical Muslims in the community. The church is now meeting for worship in a local home.

Earlier this year, the Indonesian province of Aceh became the first to institute and enforce Shariah law. The ongoing implementation has been controversial, with reports of the morality police overstepping their authority and illegally arresting women and searching homes without warrants.

According to private survey group, Indonesian Survey Circle, about 64 percent of 700 respondents across the country, both Muslims and Christians, disagreed with implementing Islamic law, or Sharia. That’s despite calls by radical groups to make the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation a theocratic state.

Pray that the believers of this church will be steadfast in their service for the Lord. Pray too, that they will rejoice in the opportunity to grow in Christlikeness through these trying times.

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