Church is growing in Tsunami hit areas of India, one year later

By December 26, 2005

India (MNN) — India was also hit hard by the tsunami one year ago. 10,000 people were killed along the beaches of southern India and while the wave destroyed the livelihood of most villagers — fishing. Many of the fishing boats and nets have been replaced, but there are still needs, and
Gospel for Asia
is helping.

What’s amazing that they’re helping in areas where they previously weren’t welcomed, says GFA’s founder, KP Yohannan. “Our people previously went there with the Gospel; they were thrown out of those places. But, after the tsunami as our people went back, the very people who opposed our brothers and beat them up, are the very people who received them and became believers and they are part of the church.”

Speaking from India, Yohannan says many evangelical groups have seen many people turn to Christ and plant churches. He says GFA growth has been phenomenal. “The Gospel for Asia missionaries they have seen way over 150 or nearly 200 places (where) people are gathering for worship as a result of ministering among these tsunami victims.”

Yohannan says as GFA provides medical assistance and has helped by replacing fishing boats, homes, and businesses, government and radical leaders’ hearts have softened. “They’re saying, ‘so many people came. They dumped some materials on us and left. They’re not recognizing the Christians are really the people who came to stay and continue to minister.”

While the tsunami is out of the news these days, Yohannan says the suffering continues. “The tsunami will be with us for at least three, four or five years. So, the rebuilding process of houses and fishing boats and counseling, building churches continues to be a burden and we need help.”

GFA is currently building 50 houses for tsunami victims. They’re also taking care of children in both India and Sri Lanka. If you’d like to help GFA reach even more people with the Gospel through physical assistance, click on the link below to get connected.

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