Church leaders in Sierra Leone see first pastoral training in over a decade.

By July 13, 2006

Sierra Leone (MNN)–Sierra Leone’s fragile peace is holding, though it is threatened by rampant poverty.

A United Nations military force of left at the end of 2005, saw its duties through, having overseen elections and helped impose peace in Sierra Leone after the 1991-2002 civil war.

Global Advance’s David Shibley says a new day is dawning. Because of that, they just held a Frontline Shepherd’s Conference. They’re told that it was the first major pastors’ training since 1991. Shibley says, “It is absolutely time for the church to take a stand, to move and to be aggressive with evangelism and church planting.”

War seems to have disrupted evangelical work throughout the region, but Shibley says their tools will help the pastors take back their ground.

“The church has to take a stand of morality, it has to take a stand of righteousness and be genuine peacemakers as Jesus calls us to be.”

The church leadership, he goes on to say, responded strongly to the encouragement and teaching. “As tenuous as the situation is, I saw a tremendous hope in the hearts and in the eyes of these wonderful pastoral leaders.”

More than a ‘pep rally’, these pastors were given encouragement and respite. By the end of the conference, Shibley explains, “They’re ready to go. Hundreds of them committed to planting at least one new church within the next year.”

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