Church leaders in the United States move forward with a three-pronged strategy for the international church.

By September 3, 2004

USA (MNN)–Church leaders across the United States have committed to strengthening pastors in developing nations.

Through the Global Advance Ambassadors Network, they are providing training, resources, and encouragement to indigenous pastors and church leaders around the world.

Forty-two pastors and missions pastors recently gathered for a conference in Dallas, Texas, to pray for and recommit to strengthening the hands of national pastors in developing nations. They want to see the church around the world built up.

Global Advance’s Dr. David Shibley says, “There are some two-million pastors and church leaders in the developing nations of the world. Only five-percent of these pastors and church leaders ever have the privilege of attending Bible school or seminary. Consequently, they are just out there slugging it out the best way that they know with hearts very committed to Jesus but with very little training and with very few resources.”

Shibley emphasizes the importance of getting senior pastors involved in going overseas to help equip indigenous churches with training and resources for ministry.

It’s a three-pronged training strategy for church growth, church planting and developing missionary-sending churches.

Shibley hopes many more will join the work.
“Yes, we are in need of more pastors and church leaders who will pick up this vision. We’re grateful for anyone who is training pastors and providing resources for them in the developing nations of the world.”

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