Church leadership in India sees a renewal of purpose.

By December 4, 2003

India (MNN)–Christian Aid Mission reports that more than 35,000 people attended the district convention of a church-planting ministry in northwestern India’s Rajasthan state.

It was the 23rd convention in that church, planted by a Rajasthan-based ministry that began in 1963. The
outreach has more than 800 missionaries and gospel workers and has planted some 1,200 churches.

“The meetings began with praise, adoration and
thanksgiving, ” said the leader. He continued, “Senior leaders held their hands together along with the gathered saints declaring the unity of the hearts and minds for God to move in these meetings.”

More exciting, says the church leader was the fact that, “The move of the Holy Spirit was clearly seen in the morning sessions, and an expectant crowd and a heavenly presence were characteristic of the evening meetings.”

The men gained a “new enthusiasm and vigor to take the gospel to the towns and villages of northern India.” The convention saw the graduation ceremonies of 34 students
from the group’s Bible college, and 103 new believers answered the call to be baptized.

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