Church planting continues to be a major emphasis.

By January 9, 2004

Russia (MNN)–While church planting continues to be the major emphasis of Russian Ministries, the organization has the desire of reaching young people. MNN’s Greg Yoder is traveling in Russia and files his first in a series of reports. “Russian’s death rate is out pacing the birth rate and much of the blame is placed on the lack of morality in the nation. Russian Ministries David Westrum says that there areā€¦ “10 million drug addicts officially in Russia. 40-percent of men are alcoholics. And, three million abortions last year in Russia. The church, and especially the new church, gives answers to these and it shows young people that there is meaning to life.” Westrum says that’s the first step in leading them to Christ and finding more leaders to help grow the church. Funding is needed to help youth leadership conferences. Something that’s key to seeing young leaders grow into evangelists and church planters. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Moscow. “

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