Churches adapt to life under fire in the Middle East.

By August 1, 2006

Lebanon (MNN)–Thousands of Lebanese civilians took flight during the brief respite in the fighting over the weekend.

The civilians had been trapped for nearly three weeks in south Lebanon’s war zone. Attacks resumed Monday, adding to the desperation of the refugee scenario.

Many former enemies found themselves face to face in a community torn apart by the fighting. But this is where teh beauty of a hidden story unfolds.

Bible Pathway Ministries partnered with the Baptist seminary and school in Lebanon, providing them with resources in Arabic.

Spokeswoman Karen Hawkins says their partner recently issued a call for prayer support because they’re facing a challenge like one they’ve not seen before.

With so many people trapped in Lebanon, there are few places to go. The school found itself confronted with massive humanitarian need coming in the form of former enemies. “It’s a very difficult situation because taking in as many as 450 extra people is really a taxing situation but they are providing them with something to eat, letting them sleep on the classroom floors, they have some limited medical care and counseling.”

‘Taking in?’! The school has opened its doors to house refugees…but the decision came when the group of believers asked themselves a hard question, “Are we going to run and hide and try to protect ourselves? Or are we going to be Christ’s example and be his hands and feet right now and minister to people?'”

There wasn’t really a silence to hang in, so short was the deliberation. The seminary responded immediately with their answer.

Not only are they responding to need, but so is the rest of the Christian community. “As the churches in the area are also taking in refugees, they’re coming together for prayer meetings everyday. The refugees, then, are seeing Christ at work.”

Pray for those trapped in the war zone. There are also many needs that have arisen as a result of the refugee situation. The school needs food, medicine and sanitation help. If you want to help, go to:

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