Churches in Gulf Coast area are caring for more than 150,000 displaced hurricane survivors.

By September 12, 2005

USA (MNN) — “God is using the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina to give the Church an opportunity to be the Church.”

That’s what Rick Warren of Purpose Driven Ministries said after he spent time observing the areas ravaged by the Hurricane. He says it’s even worse than what is seen on television.

But even in the midst of the devastation, Warren was encouraged, for the Church is rising to the challenge. In every crisis, there are opportunities for God to show His love, and He’s working through His people who have an open door to show God’s love to those in need.

Warren says that the Purpose Driven network is working, and churches surrounding the hurricane zone are caring for more than one-hundred-fifty-thousand people. Long after the short-term aid is gone, churches will still be there to show God’s love in action.

It’s critical that churches everywhere get involved in ministering to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Warren says, “Because there are so many displaced people, we have to figure out a way to do something that has never been done before in America. By bringing people to our communities who are under stress and in transition who need to experience the love of God, He is giving us a unique opportunity to be what God intended the church to be.”

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