Churches mobilize to help victims of terror attack in Russia

By October 19, 2005

Russia (MNN) — 70 miles away from the city that was hit by terrorists, Russia was again hit by Chechen rebels. The city of Nalchik was hit this time, killing 33 Russian soldiers and 12 civilians. 100 people were injured. That doesn’t count the 91 rebels killed by Russian soldiers and the more than 40 captured during the two day attack.

In the aftermath of last week’s attack, Christians are beginning to strategize how to reach out with the message of the Gospel. Slavic Gospel Association’s Joel Griffith says, “The regional presbyter for the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians Baptist, Reverend Viktor Levashov, he’s going to be making an emergency trip to the Nalchik region. He’s going to be meeting with pastors there and basically take a look at what the situation is and try to determine what the churches can do to help minister to the victims.”

The death toll was less than the Beslan siege last year, but Griffith says, thankfully, “From what we’re able to ascertain there weren’t any believing families connected with the churches that directly lost anybody.”

Since terrorism is commonplace, peace is something longed for. Griffith says, “This is where the churches come in. The churches do their best to live a Christ-like example and show the love of Christ not only in their word, but also by their deed as they help the families that are afflicted by this.”

While the church has expertise in how to minister, funding is needed to provide Bibles, Christian literature and even humanitarian aid to help develop relationships that can eventually lead them to Christ.

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