Cities in Argentina will be the focus of outreach for an evangelistic ministry

By June 1, 2006

USA (MNN) — Harvest Evangelism is devoted to reaching cities and nations for Christ. They do that by sending Christians into cities and villages by doing four things, outlined in Luke chapter 10. They speak peace to everyone, minister to them, heal the sick spiritually and physically and then proclaim the Gospel.

Harvest Evangelism is using this model in a few weeks to help reach cities and villages in Argentina, say Harvest Evangelism’s Dave Thompson. He says a team is heading there next month. “We’ll be taking over 120 people from different nations, there’s still room for more to sign up. And we’ll spend 10 days learning and practicing the principles that we just talked to you about with the idea of helping Christians in cities in Argentina reach their city.”

According to Thompson, while they need people to help with the Argentina project, that’s just the starting point. He’s praying these people will take it to the next level. “We’re committed, as an organization, to raising up prototypes for transformation to happen in industries, in cities and in nations.”

People from North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe are participating in the trip lead by Harvest Evangelism’s Ed Silvoso. The trip is schedule for June 30 – July 10th. Click on the link below to get connected.

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