Civil war continues, death toll rises.

By September 28, 2006

Sri Lanka (MNN) — There’s a plea coming from the Bible League’s ministry coordinator in Sri Lanka: “Uphold our country to the Lord.”

It’s a plea for believers worldwide to pray for that war-torn island nation.

Despite talk of renewed negotiations, neither the Sri Lankan army nor the Tamil Tiger separatists have put an end to the violence. And as the civil war rages, the death toll continues to rise, especially in the northeast and border villages.

More than 1500 people have died since December 2005, when a 2002 ceasefire was broken by violence. Twenty years of conflict have killed more than 65,000 Sri Lankans, with hundreds of thousands displaced.

Heavy air attacks and shelling are happening in parts of the country, but everywhere it’s difficult for people to move freely in the evenings. The violence has also increased the risk for aid workers trying to address the humanitarian crisis created by the conflict. In addition, aid workers are still dealing with needs related to the December 2004 tsunami that killed 40,000 and displaced 325,000 people in Sri Lanka.

Pray for the safety of Bible League’s staff and volunteers as they seek to bring peace through God’s Word.

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