Civil war is re-erupting in Sri Lanka

By August 28, 2006

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Fighting between Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels and security forces has forced thousands from their homes in eastern and northern parts of the country. That’s the word from Back to the Bible country director James Kanaganayagam.

Speaking from Sri Lanka, Kanaganayagam says, “Churches have been affected greatly in the north and the northeast as well. There are about 200,000 people who are displaced. And, obviously there are many Christians and churches — church members — who are affected as well.”

Kanaganayagam says the civil unrest is forcing authorities in Colombo to be extra cautious. Check points and other security measures keep tensions high. He says bombs have exploded in Colombo, so there’s good reason for the security. Have the explosions affected their workers? “No one has been directly affected by these bombs. However, these bombs have been about a mile away from the office, so both of the bombs have been very, very close,” says Kanaganayagam.

Since Back to the Bible’s media ministry is in Sinhalese and Tamil, he says they’ve made some adjustments to their programming. “While we do not talk of war, we talk of the effects — the fears that people have (and) life after death. We do talk about pain and losing loved ones. So, in that sense, through our radio programs and in our literature we deal with issues like that.”

Many times uncertainty opens opportunities to share the Gospel. But, Kanaganayagam says that hasn’t happened yet. “There seems to be more disillusionment at the moment. There seems to be more discouragement, fear and anger rather than people searching for answers.”

He’s asking people to pray that changes. Kanaganayagam also wants people to pray for their financial situation. “The situation in the country has affected our businesses. That’s affecting our income as well because our faith financial partners are men and women who run businesses. So, when the economy is hit, unfortunately one of the things that (decreases) is giving to the Lord’s work.”

It’s not a good time for that. Back to the Bible wants to help provide food, water, clothing and other essentials to those who are displaced. If you’d like to help, click on the link below.

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