Clearing skies are an answer to prayer in Indonesia.

By November 6, 2006

Indonesia (MNN) — Dense smoke has been hindering flights, making it difficult for New Tribes Missionary pilots to serve missionary teams working in remote locations. It’s common in Indonesia for people to light fires this time of year in order to clear land for planting, resulting in smoke. Rain, which can clear the air, was not in the forecast.

Missionaries began praying. Christina Buettner, whose husband is a pilot in Indonesia, says, “The smoke just lifted up to 3 kilometers visibility, without any rain, the airports opened up again and one of our missionaries was able to fly out from interior after waiting to come out a long time.”

And the answers did not stop there.

“A few days later the rains came and it has been raining pretty hard every night,” says Buettner, “We actually started to see cloud formations and some bits of blue sky. So we are so grateful for this wonderful mercy and intervention of God.”

It’s especially remarkable because of the severity of the smoke.

The locals were all saying it would take a good week of rain to clear up the smoke. “The thickness of the smoke clearing up overnight, with no rain, was a tribute to a powerful God,” Buettner says, “a God that is still listening and answering the prayers of His children today.”

Pray that God will use this answer to prayer to show His power to a lost world and that many would turn to Him.

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