Combining vision and talent to resource the Hungarian church.

By September 27, 2006

Hungary (MNN)–The release of the World Bible Translation Center’s Easy to Read Version of the Hungarian New Testament set an exciting project into motion.

Istvan, an enthusiastic Hungarian seminary student, was less than excited about the old Hungarian NT available.

Once he got his hands on the Center’s translation, an idea formed that would not let him rest. Because resources like the NT can be expensive, Istvan wanted to make the recording available on the internet, for free.

He began to search for the ideal recording voice to tell the good news in a professional way. It took him two years to find the person he wanted, who arrived in the form of a secondary school teacher.

Monica was not a Christian when the ERV Hungarian NT was released, but had just turned her life over to Christ when she met Istvan.

Her vision was that the Lord would use her voice to record the Bible in an audio form. God brought the visionary and the talent together, and they have been working together to allow Hungarian-speaking people to hear the message of Christ.

Pray for the successful completion of the audio recording of the Hungarian New Testament.

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