Community Health Evangelism is key to successful evangelism in the third world

By March 9, 2006

USA (MNN) — In times of natural disasters, human catastrophe and other emergencies, people tend to throw money, aid and assistance at the problem. That’s not what one Christian organization is doing.

Medical Ambassadors International Bob Paul says doing that causes problems of its own. “When help is given in such a way that it encourages people basically to become passive and have their hand out and expect others to simply do things for them, it breeds an attitude of dependency.” Paul says that only perpetuates the problem.

That’s why Medical Ambassadors uses Community Health Evangelism, or CHE. “Rather than a large agency coming in a dumping stuff on a village, instead, we send in a very small team of two or three people who build a long-term relationship and begin to work with the people in that village to come up with solutions to problems on their own,” Paul says.

According to Paul, CHE workers share their faith all along the way. “So, what you also get are not a people who may make a short-term decision for Christ because they think they have to do that to get something, but instead you get a discipleship process that really allows people to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship with the Lord.”

Medical Ambassadors works in more than 70 countries and they need volunteers to help. Funding is also needed to help fund the various projects and support their full-time workers.

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