Compassion fights poverty with far-reaching scholarships.

By August 28, 2006

International (MNN)–Compassion International wants to continue aiding roughly 1,000 students from poverty-stricken countries around the world.
Through their Leadership Development Program, students who have shown the potential for Christian leadership will get the chance to attend college with the help of sponsors.

These future leaders are go to universities in their own countries with the eventual goal of helping them to influence their churches, communities and nations.

The intense gratitude these students feel upon being accepted into the LDP program is typically followed by a personal commitment to spiritual and professional success.

The scholarship program provides tuition fees to attend an approved university full time, pays for textbooks and other school-related expenses, and covers room, board and transportation expenses, if necessary.

The program boasts students from the following countries:
* Bolivia
* Ecuador
* Guatemala
* Haiti
* India
* Kenya
* Peru
* Philippines
* Thailand
* Uganda

Click here if you want to help sponsor a future Christian leader.

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