Compassion International helps children with AIDS

By December 2, 2005

International (MNN) — As World AIDS Day was remembered on December 1st, more than 1,000 Compassion International-assisted children in East Africa are HIV positive. In addition, about 4,300 caregivers and siblings of Compassion-assisted children have HIV. Compassion believes this is just a fraction of reality.

In response, 250 East African children are receiving life-sustaining AIDS therapy thanks to Compassion International. Part of that is providing anti-retroviral drugs that helps prevent the virus from growing in the body. According to Compassion’s Doctor Scott Todd, “This program lifts the death sentence that once accompanied the diagnosis of AIDS.”

It also allows Compassion to develop a relationship with people in these communities which ultimately provides opportunities to share the Gospel. Todd says, “That allows us to enter their world, to listen, to counsel, to encourage and to offer everything required for successful return to health.”

Compassion is asking people to help fund this initiative. Pray that many will respond to this funding need and that many who are helped will turn to Christ.

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