Compassion says faith-based initiatives should expand beyond U.S.

By February 4, 2004

International (MNN)–Compassion International, a Christian child development organizations, told a congressional subcommittee that faith-based government initiatives not only work, but should expand beyond the U.S. borders.

The subcommittee, meeting Friday in the Colorado Springs City Hall, was seeking input from citizens and organizations about the need for and effectiveness of using faith-based organizations as a means to provide services to the poor.

Compassion’s Ed Anderson says their work is not only effective, but it makes sense to deliver help using those already in place in contact with the needy.

He says faith-based groups shouldn’t be feared. “An organization who understands Biblical mandate to help the poor and the needy and do it in the context of their mission beliefs and their faith are very sensitive to the cultures and the people that they work with. They’re not going to proselytize or force people to accept a different faith just to receive food or aid.”

Anderson says it’s not an issue of the separation of church and state. “We believe a faith based organization is like a rug woven with different threads that can’t really be separated. You can’t compartmentalize your faith, and in a faith-based organization–we can’t compartmentalize that either.”

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