Conflict brings Christians/Muslims together in Lebanon

By September 11, 2006

Lebanon (MNN) — A cease fire is in place. An air blockade has been lifted. As the United Nations continues seeking peace in the region, God has used the latest unrest to introduce people to Himself.

Tim Burns with Global Aid Network, or GAiN USA, has had people on the ground in Lebanon since the violence began. With hundreds of thousands displaced and homeless, they’ve been helping. “What we’ve been do is handing out what we call ‘Bags of Blessing.’ And basically, that’s enough food to feed a family of five for a week. And, so far, we’ve been able to assist 2,000 families that have come to Beirut.”

According to Burns, this has been an unthinkable answer to prayer. “A lot of these people have come from the southern areas of Lebanon. Those areas have always been closed to missionaries going in. And, so God brought them to where the missionaries were.”

While many of these people have traveled back to their homes, Burns says GAiN-USA isn’t being forgotten. “What’s been exciting is as people have gone back, these areas that have always been closed in the south, now they’re inviting these same missionaries to come back down to the south to continue building relationships.”

Burns says that’s key to sharing the Gospel. As Christians reach out in love, Muslims begin asking questions. “What makes you care about me? Why would you give me anything at all? We see this over and over again in countries that don’t have a Christian background. And, that provides a wide open door to tell that person about Christ.”

Unfortunately, GAiN USA hasn’t been able to meet all the requests for ‘Bags of Blessing.’ He says, “When we originally received the need, we had a need for 30,000 ‘Bags of Blessing’ and we haven’t been able to minister to that many people yet, but that need still exists.”

You financial gift to GAiN-USA can do a lot to help the Lebanese people hear the Gospel. “Each ‘Bag of Blessing’ costs $33 and that includes distribution to the families it goes to.”

You can support GAiN USA’s work in Lebanon by going to

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