Cornerstone University hosts English as a second language clinic

By February 22, 2005

USA (MNN) — Cornerstone University wants to train churches to reach out with the Gospel to the millions of immigrants living and working in the United States. They’re doing it through English classes.

On March 19th, Cornerstone is hosting their 4th Annual ESL Ministry Conference on the Grand Rapids, Michigan campus. The one day conference is a “how do you do it” event taking a church all the way from step one to step 10 of putting together a ESL ministry in your church.

Fluency in English is seen in many parts of the world as the key to a better life. It opens the door to better educational, employment, and social opportunities, both in the local setting and abroad. Because of that, immigrants are looking for inexpensive ways to improve their English. Churches can effectively help and also share the Gospel at the same time.

You can get more information by going to or by calling (616) 949-5300 and ask for extension 1378.

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